Monday, August 29, 2011

A New Beginning

Six days from now, I'll be at the University of Denver, either in my dorm room or participating in one of the many orientation activities they have planned for us. Really, really exciting? Yes! Somewhat scary? Also yes. Like pretty much every other college student, I have mixed emotions. On one hand, I will be attending my dream school. In my eyes, every other school paled in comparison to DU. I love the campus, love the vibe, love the focus on business and liberal arts, love everything about it. I'm absolutely confident that it's the college for me. Even so, it will be my first time away from home. Even though it's a controlled environment, we are still on our own (as my mom says). For obvious reasons, freedom being the one most people think of, it sounds awesome. It's the unfamiliarity that makes it slightly scary. It's different from anything we've ever known. That's why I named this blog "Chapter 13." I don't care how cliched it may sound; this is a new chapter in my life, in all of our lives. It's something completely and utterly different from what we have experienced before, so much so that it actually may as well be in another book altogether. Most of my friends have already started their "Chapter 13," as DU students move in rather late (September 4th). So this is the week I finish everything that needs to be finished, mainly shopping and packing. I really have to give credit to my mom on this one; if she wasn't so organized and had left it up to me I would most likely be doing it in a rush the last couple of days. Oh, and there are the goodbyes. Most have already been said, with the promise of a lot of Facebook/Skype/texting/other forms of communication, but for me it's finally starting to seem more real now that I'm the one leaving. On the morning of September 4th, I'm going to load up my car, drive eight whole miles (long drive, I know), and move into my dorm. The next time I'll be living at home is during the month and a half break at Thanksgiving and Christmas (yet another DU perk!). It's weird. That's the only word for it, really. Still, I had the pleasure of meeting my roommate (twice) and her family!

Oh yeah, and her adorable dog!

We joke that we're going to be those perpetually happy roommates that annoy everyone because we get along so well. If our problem is that we're perpetually happy, I'll gladly accept that :). No matter how nervous I get, especially as I get closer to Sunday, I'll know that the people on my floor (and in the entire freshman class, for that matter) will be going through the exact same things as I am. While not one of my favorite movies, High School Musical had it right - we're all in this together!


  1. This is awesome Amy! Can't wait to see you at DU. :)